The act of writing is not sacred.

I meet a lot of people who are terrified to write. They view writing as a “creative” skill--one they don't have. They don't realize that by assuming they can't write, they cut themselves off from an essential form of self-expression.

Whether the document is an email, press release, college essay, history paper, celebratory toast, memoir, novel or book of non-fiction, good writing matters.

I help people feel more confidant about organizing their thoughts and finding the right words to say what they want or need to say.

How Can I Help?

For Writers at the High School Level: Assistance at any stage of the process on...

  • College essays

  • Academic papers

  • Writing projects

  • Articles

  • Fiction

For Adult Writers: Assistance with Writing and Editing Services...

  • Writing workshops in fiction, non-fiction and memoir

  • Proofreading and Standard Editing (includes help with spelling, punctuation, grammar, transitions, word choice, sentence structure, and clarity)

  • Editing and Revising (includes help with in-depth contextual changes in sentence structure, paragraph structure, overall content clarity, cohesion, development, overall organization, and overall impact)

  • Brainstorming (includes assistance with ideas, approach, organization, and tone)





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